Agriturismo Riazzolo



Environmental impact… zero!

Surrounded by copses and poplar groves, our territory is an example of sustainable agriculture. For three generations, the company is specialized in poplar farming, that is, the cultivation of fast-growing essences, specifically hybrid poplar euro-American clones which, in eight or nine years, can weigh 7 tons which are then transformed into sheets of plywood and cellulose, for multiple uses, including paper. After each harvesting of forests, we proceed with replanting new species that, during their stay almost ten years on the farm, will make a substantial help to balance the natural environment while also fighting greenhouse gas effect.


The farm is carbon neutral because at least 400,000 square meters of the farm’s land are always dedicated to trees, in different states of growth, and the oxygen, produced by them, compensates the atmospheric emissions of carbon dioxide derived from the performance of our work.