Agriturismo Riazzolo



Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was Riazzolo farmhouse, with its three courts, the church and the inn … where a large community lived in the barn and farmed the fileds … a hard life that those who lived it evoke nostalgically.


History and heritage

The Massari “CASCINA Riazzolo” farm was established from the division of the estateof the noble CARLO ALBERTO PISANI DOSSI, a distinguished member of artistic movement Milanese “scapigliatura” art movement of the late 18th century, Minister Plenipotentiary in Athens and Bogota, Secretary of the then Prime Minister Francesco Crispi, and passionate and talented archaeologist who, on this territory, made important discoveries dating back to the period of Celtic rule.
Cascina Riazzolo, buildings date from 1500 to the end of 1900, including a part of a building dating from the period of Spanish rule that here had organized a stronghold to guard the forests, populated by bandits, and the CHURCH OF SANTA TERESA built in 1737 by Don Carlo Rusca of the college of regular clerics of St. Paulo Decollato of Montù Beccaria, and later owned by Dossi Pisani in 1908.